Bærum Kulturhus, Dans Sørøst Norge og Skuespiller- og danseralliansen inviterer dansekunstnere til Dansedramaturgiworkshop med Canadiske koreograf Andrea Pena og dansedramaturge Hugo Dalphond.

 Workshopen inngår i et større Quebec – Nordics samarbeidssprosjekt mellom Bærum Kulturhus-Dans Sørøst-Norge, Rum for Dans (Sverige) og Agency Mickel Spinnhirny (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), og vil være den første av en workshopserie om dansedramaturgi. Til workshopen i Oslo inviteres også dansekunstnere med base i Sverige.


Kursdato:                     1. – 4. oktober

Påmeldingsfrist:           Fortløpende med begrenset antall plasser

Klokken:                        10:00 – 15:00

Språk:                            Engelsk

Sted:                              Bærum Kukturhus, Claude Monets Alle 27, 1304 Sandvika


Dramaturgy workshop - Presentation text

AP&A in collaboration with Hugo Dalphond, Professor of Scenography and Hybrid Practices at Université du Québec, brings to you a workshop that dives into hybrid dramaturgical dance practices that infuse a strong dramaturgy within the choreographic practice. The workshops will offer knowledge and insight on dramaturgy that touches on and goes beyond the body and a choreographic score. Dramaturgy and dance today are intertwined between choreography, scenography, theater, music, design and more, and we are therefore rethinking boundaries to challenge what we consider the practice of dramaturgy today. The dramaturgical tools this workshop offers blur and find the harmony between notions of space, time, materiality, body; while intertwining theoretical, conceptual, philosophical practices of dramaturgical sense making.


Within a dramaturgical practice there is so much labor, trial and error, play, experimentation, knowledge creation that goes into the sense making process of a creation. We share these practices with you throughout the workshop as we unpack dramaturgical notions in dialogue with your choreographic work. We encourage participants to bring their own past, present or current creations and research as the starting points for the workshop.


AP&A’s artists will be present to facilitate the process giving you clear images of how they do work together, but also to accompany you through your own dramaturgical and choreographic reflections and learning.The workshop is 5 hours a day and divided into two sections where we will guide participants from the more theoretical/ conceptual based entry points to creating a work, towards practical and workshop based tasks to explore and apply these tools and methods together.


The goals of the workshop (to include in the presentation):

1. To position the workshop in conceptual territories and practice of dramaturgies (thinkers, major concepts of dramaturgy, the practice in general, principles of dramaturgical creation)

2. Dramaturgy of observation: how to observe, to feel and to name lived experiences, perceptions, body, action and design. Practices of identifying symbolism/aesthetics within a work.

3. Tools for a hybrid dramaturgy (compositional techniques, strategies of movement, degrees of physical interpretation)

4. How to expose, organize and link ideas. How to build a dramaturgical statement / a question to work with (evaluating, concept, space, time, materiality, narrative)

5. Defining the dramaturgical context of representation (for what space? what audience? which platform?) to understand the lenses of perception of the work



10:00 - 10:30 | Group warm up, greetings, starting the day

10:30 - 12:30 | Part 1: Dramaturgy (2hrs)

12:30 - 13:00 | Community Lunch Break (30 minutes)

13:00- 15:00 | Part 2: Applied dramaturgy with the AP&A team (2 hrs)


Til informasjon

I alle kurs som arrangeres av Skuespiller- og danseralliansen, aksepteres ikke noen form for trakassering. Vi følger etisk standard for musikk- og scenekunstinstitusjonene. 



Andrea Peña

A hybrid Latinx artist, originally from Bogota, Colombia Andrea Peña has carved her practice in the territory of Tiohti:áke, Montreal. As director of the multidisciplinary company AP&A (Andréa Peña & Artists), her practice as designer and choreographer, merges the body and materiality in performative, digital and sculptural works to create living arts universes. Andrea is recognized in Canada and internationally for her creations as critical, alternative and spatial universes that break with our notions and conceptions of a sensitive humanity, and engage in rich encounters between conceptual research and a highly physical and material approach. Working across mediums, her works intersect questions around the role of the sensible body in dialogue with external design environments and situations; utilizing choreographic knowledge beyond performative contexts.

From Canada, Japan, US, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, Greece, Spain, India and others, Peña’s works are recognized for her inter-artistic rigor that manifests spatio-material experiences that challenge hybrid practices. Andrea is recognized with numerous awards and commissionsis for her conceptual creations, most recently the winner of the international La Biennale di Venezia dance 2023 co-production. Previously Andrea had the honor to open the internationally renowned Tanzmesse 2022; the largest performing arts showcase in Europe and was awarded the Banff Center’s Clifford E. Lee 2019 Award given to an emerging Canadian artist in recognition for her highly rigorous creations.

Peña's complex, vulnerable and raw works take her works to national and international recognition, presented by the National Arts Center, Musée d'Art Contemporain, Arsenal Art Contemporain, Usine C, Danse Danse, Agora de la Danse, Tanz Bremen, tanzmesse, Cinars, New Italian Dance Platform, Festival Trajectoires, Theatre Freiburg, Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Canadian Center for Architecture, Attakkalari India Biennial, Milano Festival, Festival Quartiers Danses, Hong Kong International Choreography Festival, Festival International de Danza de la Ciudad de Mexico, Prisma Festival Panama, AADK Spain, IONION Arts Center Greece among others. Andrea’s work has been commissioned by the Phi Center, Laval Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Edmonton, the 375e Anniversary of Montreal, Pro Arte Danse, École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, Transformation, Springboard Program.


Hugo Dalphond

Hugo Dalphond questions synergy between body, space and light through elaborating and building scenographic dispositif aimed to initiate meetings. Dalphond’s Doctoral PhD in Theater evaluates how viewers and performers coexist within the same space, by modulating their perception of that very space that he creates alternative sensorial experiences that engage in different co-presence qualities, and thus, gain consciousness of our philosophical, social and emotional relationship to others.

Dalphond tackles these questions as a space and light designer on various projects with Montreal’s most recognized avant garde dance voices, amongst them: Catherine Gaudet, Andrea Peña & Artists, Lara Kramer, La Tresse, Daina Ashbee, Alexandre Morin, Maxime Genois, Mykalle Bielinsky. As a Professor of Scenography and Hybrid Practices at Université du Québec à Montréal, his research (artistic works, collaborations, conferences and workshops) address dramaturgies, scores and the opportunity that scenography offers to rethink our collective states and shared imaginaries.

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