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Jakub Truszkowski og Ursula Robb

12 Nov
Sted: Rom for dans 12.11.2022 09:30-16:00

Jakub Truszkowski & Ursula Robb, dansere i kompaniet Rosas

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Warm-up class is led by Ursula Robb. Class description:
Ursula will teach the warm-up class before the workshop. This will be a mix of somatic-based floor-work, moving to standing and a series of exercises and movement phrases designed to warm and prepare the body and mind for the work day ahead. The style of the class is drawing on the many contemporary dance influences Ursula has been exposed to during her career.

Workshop description:
This short workshops is an introduction into techniques and tools anchored in the minimalist approach. It is based on the experience gathered during the years of working with various choreographers and companies, as well as the tools developed thru my own choreographic practice. The process is focused on an active input from the participants, experimenting with ways of manipulating and transforming the movement material with provided tools, which will allow to produce variety of coherent choreographic output and encourage individual creativity.

09:30-11:00 Warm-up class
11:00-12:30 Workshop
12:30-13:30 Lunch break
13:30-16:00 Continue the workshop

Photo credit:  Piotr Jaruga