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Countertechnique Practical Tools Workshop

02 Oct
Sted: PRODA, Rom for Dans 02.10.2017-06.10.2017 12:00-16:00
Skuespiller- og danseralliansen has together with PRODA profesjonell dansetrening invited Nina Wollny (NL/DE) to give classes and workshop in Countertechnique.

The Workshop is initiated and arranged by Skuespiller- og danseralliansen in collaboration with PRODA profesjonell dansetrening. The morning classes at PRODA are open drop in, to participate at the workshop you apply below.

Criterias: Professional dancers with BA in dance or similar.

Workshop cost is NOK: 900.
Registration is binding. All applicants will get answer shortly after the deadline. If your application is accepted, you'll have to pay the fee in due date.
If you are accepted to participate, but choose not to attend without letting us know a week in advance or earlier, the tuition is non-refundable.

About the workshop:
Countertechnique is a movement system developed to help the dancer think about the dancing body, focusing on the process of incorporating information into action. The principle and tools of the approach are organized in the Countertechnique toolbox, which consists of these 6 categories:
Awareness, Energy, Body, Space, Perspectives and the Countertechnique principle.
In this workshop the tools will be presented and shared in many different ways, which gives the participants the rare chance of an in depth encounter with this approach.
After the possibility to join the morning class at Proda in which the tools will be shared in the context of a technique class, the workshop itself will start with a session of exploring different aspects of the form and function of our bodies.

We will look at different parts of our bodies and their location in theory and then connect to this information through experimenting with it in movement explorations, exercises or with a partner. The information and experiences offered prepare you for the rest of the workshop and give you the time to discuss and process certain aspects of dance and movement in a more explorative setting.

In the second half of the workshop we will work more in detail with the toolbox, applying the approach to different aspects of dance with a new perspective each day. We will explore challenging repertoire material to find inspiration and creativity within set boundaries. We will experience the tools through the exchange in partnering situations, opening up to the new information that is transferred when in communication with another person. And we will investigate how our findings can inform our choices in performance situations exploring the experience of observing and being observed.

In the end of the workshop there will be a theoretical overview of the information that was shared and collected during the week, giving the participants the chance to reflect, process and own their findings.

About Nina Wollny:
Nina Wollny studied contemporary dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, now Codarts, in the Netherlands. After her graduation in 2002 she joined the company anoukvandijk dc and has worked there as dancer, rehearsal director and artistic assistant for more than 10 years. She performed in or contributed to all of Anouk van Dijk’s work during that time, including the collaborations with director and playwright Falk Richter Trust, Protect me and Rausch.

Since 2004 Nina is a passionate teacher of the Countertechnique and is regularly teaching at dance academies, companies and studios for professional dancers around the world. She also teaches performers with various backgrounds like break dancers, physical theater performers, circus artists and actors. As one of the main teachers of Countertechnique she has contributed to the continuous development of the technique.
Since 2012 Nina is working with different choreographers in Europe amongst others she is regularly performing and collaborating with German choreographer Jenny Beyer at Kampnagel in Hamburg. In 2016/2017 Nina joined Anouk van Dijk’s latest collaboration with playwright Falk Richter at the Frankfurter Schauspielhaus, Safe Places.
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Countertechnique Practical Tools Workshop

Skuespiller- og danseralliansen has together withPRODA profesjonell dansetrening invitedNina Wollny...



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