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Acro Yoga workshop med drop in

23 Apr
Sted: PRODAs studio , Rom for Dans 23.04.2018-27.04.2018 12:30-14:30
After last years well received workshop in Acro Yoga, we are delighted to announce that Laura Rae Bernasconi(US) will return to Oslo in week 17.

Skuespiller – og danseralliansen has together with PRODA profesjonell dansetrening invited Laura Rae Bernasconi to give a 5 days workshop in Acro Yoga.

Criterias: You work as a professional dancer or actor and have a Bachelor grad or comparable as dancer/actor. You have to be interested in and have practiced Yoga.
The workshop is held in English.

Workshop cost: 5 days NOK: 800,- or drop inn NOK: 200 per day. Please indicate in the text if you are attending 5 days or drop in.
Registration is binding. If your application is accepted, you'll need to pay the fee in due date.
All applicants will get answer in due time after the deadline. 
If you are accepted to participate but choose not to attend,without letting us know a week in advance or earlier, the tuition is non-refundable.

Note that Laura will give morning classes in ballett at PRODA the same week.

About AcroYoga Workshop for Dancers
AcroYoga combines the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of acrobatics. These three ancient lineages form the foundation of a unique practice that cultivates trust, connection and playfulness, along with healing, opening and strengthening that a dancer might not find in his or her regular dance training. Participants will find new ways to build a deep, inner core strength, discover how to create more space in the joints, build a new foundation of partnering techniques and obtain the skills to generate a powerful flow of energy and increased body awareness.

Circle Ceremony
The circle initiates the ceremonious joining of community with a flow of integrated movements. Here we establish connection with those around us and cultivate our openness to higher awareness. The circle ceremony sets the tone and theme of the class.

Asana Warm up
Yoga postures warm the body and grounds us individually in preparation for partner work. A mirrored partner asana flow helps to develop concentration, focus, and flexibility. This is an opportunity to look outside ourselves and open our awareness to the common experience.

Partner Flow
Partner Flow is a creative sequence of mutually beneficial partner postures and stretches. Here we learn to understand the give and take of weight through communication, trust, self-acceptance and honesty.

Inversions turn our world upside down and bring out our childlike nature, pushing us to summon our courage and let go of fear. Spotting techniques develop deeper levels of trust, building the foundation for partner skills.

Partner Acrobatics
Partner acrobatics is the most dynamic expression of this work. Greater levels of risk amplify the need for heightened trust, concentration and presence.

Flying flows can range from gentle, massage-based stretches to more dynamic balancing or acrobatic sequences. Therapeutic flying utilizes gravity to release and open the flyer´s spine while grounding and empowering the base. This is the nectar of AcroYoga, aka Anti-Gravitational Spinal Elongation.

Thai Massage
Thai massage techniques use rhythmic muscle compression, assisted yoga positions and stretching that release stagnated chi along energy meridians creating a relaxed, meditative state for both the practitioner and receiver.

All levels to this AcroYoga series welcomed.

About Laura Rae Bernasconi
Laura Rae Bernasconi is a certified AcroYoga teacher since 2008, Hatha Yoga teacher since 1991 and has been a docent to professional ballet dancers all over the world since 1984. She also teaches wellness classes and is a certified Shi'atsu Therapist. Using principals of the Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis, Gyrotonic and Gyrokenisis, meditation and mindfulness Laura focuses on individual attention to each student.

Laura Bernasconi gives workshops and classes in contemporary and classical ballet, hatha yoga, AcroYoga, Shiátsu massage, Wellness, Body Image and Confidence.
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