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Workshop i Tromsø med Billie Hanne (BE)

09 Dec
Sted: Barduvn. 29, 9012 Tromsø 09.12.2019-13.12.2019 10:00-14:00

Skuespiller- og danseralliansen har sammen med Dansearena Nord og Forum For Nordnorske Dansekunstnere, invitert Billie Hanne fra Belgia til å holde workshopen "Mimesis" og i samarbeid med Hålogaland Teater om å vise hennes soloforestilling "HOLLY HOCKS".

   Fotograf : Maria Andrews

Dette er en unik mulighet til å bli kjent med den belgiske dansekunstneren Billie Hanne sitt arbeid, gjennom workshop og forestilling. 
Du melder deg på workshoppen på denne siden, men forestillingen på sidene til Hålogaland teater (Lenke kommer).

Billie Hanne is a Belgian dancer and choreographer. She makes pieces in which concrete physical events coincide with words being abstracted from their context. This way words redeem their primal meaning, their energetic force. Here speech is allowed to communicate its sensual, affective, emotional and mystic powers through the body dancing. Billie has made eight solo works that were shown all over Europe. In her company Billie & Wheelgod (since 2012) she creates pieces that fulfil poetic directives and she happily collaborates with other artists in different set ups. At each endeavour she dedicates to integrating speech and the aesthetic value of language in the heart of the dance. http://billiehanne.net/


commits to dance & speech. The course encourages the dancer to allow the body to be penetrable so speech and dance can lock into each other. Tongue interacts with skeleton and muscle and fuses into space, scale, matter and audience. When choreographic output heightens the poetic experience its arrangement can strengthen and focus the material into unity. In pacing actions the dancer conceives of textural qualities and is able to convey the flow of time. He or she enters the imagined space evoked by language. Words then, as an active ingredient for the dance, can create the bodily movement that fulfils the image. This image is dynamic and sensual in essence. Students learn to bear its weight as well as navigate its lightness and humour.

On a practical level, initially, time will be invested to individual technical work and exploration. This means going into anatomic imagery and through simple exercises bringing speech into one’s dancing vocabulary. Clear instruction and guidance creates a safe framework to do so. Individual work is then followed by compositional work, which gives room to placing one’s material beside that of others. We watch and do, watch and do and this way the dynamics of dance-speech-space clarify."

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Criteria’s for participation   - Open to experienced professional participants: Actors and dancers.
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'Hollyhocks' is a detailed solo piece, a plunge into a sensual world to which emotions are central, embodied, moved through and danced with. Whatever is being said takes form and infuses body, space and objects with vibrancy. An iron, a comb, a smartphone: these small objects come to live and gift the moment with a tender urgency. Billie's last solo 'Deep Brown Sea' was presented in nine cities in six countries (Belgium, Hungary, the Netherlands, UK, Iceland, Greece). (Lenke til forestillingen kommer)
Choreography: Billie Hanne
Dance & Speech: Billie Hanne
Production: Bones of G
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